Write any five economic importance of rice

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    The rice is known as Oryza sativa. This is called the paddy crop and is the major source of carbohydrates in the food.
    The economic importance of rice:
    • The flattened parboiled rice is known as flaked rice. Flaked rice is also used for preparing different kinds of food items.
    • Sake is an important alcoholic beverage in Japan that is prepared by the fermentation of rice.
    • Bran is an important by-product of the rice milling industry. It is used as cattle feed.
    • Bran oil is used as edible oil and for the preparation of vanaspati. It is also used in the textile industry, and leather industry.
    • Bran wax is a by-product of bran oil extraction. It is used in the chocolate industry and in the manufacture of lipsticks.
    • Paddy husk is used as fuel. It is also used in brick making.
    • Straw is used as cattle feed, in the manufacture of strawboards, and for making hats, ropes, mats, etc.

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