What are the major functions of UNICEF?

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What are the major functions of UNICEF?

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  1. Following are the main functions of the UNICEF:

    1. UNICEF works for the protection of children in matters of their survival, health and well being. This is done in cooperation with private individuals, civic groups, governments and the private sector.
    2. The UNICEF delivers funds for the training of personnel, including health and sanitation workers, teachers and nutritionists, etc. Universal child immunisation against preventable diseases was one of the chief goals of the UNICEF.
    3. UNICEF supplies technical assistance, equipment and other aids. It provides paper for children’s textbooks, medical equipment and medicines for health clinics, pipes and pumps for clean water supply in villages, etc.
    4. UNICEF assists governments in planning, developing and extending community based services in the fields of maternal and child health, nutrition, clean water and sanitation.
    5. It provides help to children and mothers caught in emergency situations caused by natural calamities, civil strife, epidemics, etc.

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