Prepare a seminar report on the topic “New Economic Policy – 1991 ”

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Prepare a seminar report on the topic “New Economic Policy – 1991 ”

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    “New Economic Policy -1991”
    The plus one commerce batch of (Name of school) conducted a seminar on the topic “New Economic Policy – 1991” on 16/08/2018 at 11.0 a.m with the ample guidance of our economics teacher. Our class was divided into three groups to cover the entire area of the topic. Each group presented one objective. They focused on the area given to them and the group leader presented the seminar paper after the required preparation.

    Liberalization was introduced to put an end to these restrictions and open up various sectors of the economy. Though a few liberalization measures were introduced in the 1980s in areas of industrial licensing, export-import policy, technology up-gradation, fiscal policy, and foreign investment, reform policies initiated in 1991 were more comprehensive.

    Let us study some important areas such as the industrial sector, financial sector, tax reforms, foreign exchange markets, and trade and investment sectors which received greater attention in and after 1991.

    The features of liberalization are:

    • Deregulation of the Industrial Sector
    • Financial Sector Reforms
    • Tax Reforms
    • Foreign Exchange Reforms
    • Trade and Investment Policy Reforms

    It implies shedding the ownership or management of a government-owned enterprise. Government companies can be converted into private companies in two ways

    1. the withdrawal of the government from ownership and management of public sector companies and or
    2. by the outright sale of public sector companies. Privatization of the public sector undertakings by selling off part of the equity of PSUs to the public is known as disinvestment.

    The purpose of the sale, according to the government, was mainly to improve financial discipline and facilitate modernization. It was also envisaged that private capital and managerial capabilities could be effectively utilized to improve the performance of the PSUs.

    Globalization is the outcome of the policies of liberalization and privatization. Although globalization is generally understood to mean the integration of the economy of the country with the world economy, it is a complex phenomenon. It is an outcome of the set of various policies that are aimed at transforming the world towards greater interdependence and integration.

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