Plasma bilirubin A. Is a steroid pigment.

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Plasma bilirubin 

A. Is a steroid pigment. 

B. Is converted to biliverdin in the liver. 

C. Does not normally cross cerebral capillary walls. 

D. Is freely filtered in the renal glomerulus. 

E. Is sensitive to light.

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1 Answer

  1. A. False It is a porphyrin pigment derived from haem.  B. False Bilirubin is derived from biliverdin formed from haem, not the other way about. C. True The ‘blood–brain barrier’ normally prevents bilirubin entering brain tissue.  D. False The bilirubin–protein complex is too large to pass the glomerular filter.  E. True Light converts bilirubin to lumirubin which is excreted more rapidly; photo therapy may be used in the treatment of haemolytic jaundice in children.

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