MCQ Questions for Class 6 Science Chapter 14 Water with Answers

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    (a) The extraction of aluminium from pure ore by electrolysis is called Hall-Heroult’s process. When electricity is passed through the electrodes, the following reactions occur:
    Dissociation of alumina:
    The equation for the reaction that takes place at the cathode is as follows:
    Aluminium, which is formed in a molten state at the cathode, settles at the bottom of the cell. It is collected as and when it is formed. The aluminium obtained through this process is 99% pure.

    (b) The reaction that takes place during the extraction of aluminium at the anode is:
    Oxygen so produced reacts with the carbon anode and forms CO and CO2.
    Due to oxidation at the carbon anode, it gets used up. Hence, it is necessary to renew carbon rods periodically.

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