How many types of waste?

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How many types of waste?

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    There are various types but primarily there are three kinds of wastes:

    1. Municipal Wastes:

    Municipal Waste commonly consists of items we use on an everyday basis and then dump them. Cloths, paints, wires, glasses, unwanted food, etc come under municipal waste. This waste comes from schools, and factories, but primarily comes from our homes.

    The composition of municipal waste differs in each municipality and keeps changing with time. Municipal waste divides further into:

    a. Household waste:

    Materials like unused food, clothes, unwanted paper, damaged batteries, etc come under household wastes. Agricultural wastes also come under household waste.

    b. Commercial waste:

    Wastes coming from any kind of businesses, trading factories, schools, etc come under commercial waste.

    c. Demolition waste:

    As clear from the word ‘demolition’, these wastes come from the destruction of any structure made of concrete, wood, bricks, etc. Although sometimes demolition wastes can also be recycled.  

    2. Hazardous Wastes:

    Hazardous waste refers to solid, liquid, or gaseous wastes from industries that have either of the properties:

    • Corrosiveness
    • Ignitability
    • Reactivity
    • Toxicity

    Treatment of these wastes is necessary before the industries dump it. Hazardous wastes are unsafe for human health and the environment at large. Hazardous waste further divides into:

    1. Industrial Waste:

    Waste produced by industries includes any material that isn’t useful for the industrial manufacturing process. Wastes such are chemicals, pigments, ashes, metals, etc come under industrial waste.

    3. Biomedical Waste:

    Any waste coming from medical facilities such as hospitals, medical colleges, research centres, etc comes under biomedical waste.

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