How is land distributed between the farmers of Palampur?

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  1. For any kind of farming, land is necessary. About one-third of the 450 families are landless in Palampur. Dalits don’t have land to farm. 240 families expand small parcels of land less than 2 hectares in area. There are 60 families of medium and large farmers in Palampur who cultivate over 2 hectares of land.
    In the village of Palampur, there is an unequal distribution of land among the residents.

    • In the village of Palampur, 150 families out of 450 are landless. 240 families cultivate on parcels of land less than 2 hectares in size, out of the remaining families who own land.
    • Cultivating on these little areas of land does not provide the farmers’ families with adequate money or income.
    • The remaining families that are middle or large farmers cultivate more than 2 hectares of land.
    • Some farmers own more than ten hectares of land, if not more.
    • The exceptionally big parcels of land cover more than half of the village’s total area.

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