explain the greek war of independence

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  1. In the 15th century, Greece became a part of the Ottoman Empire. In 1832, a Treaty of Constantinople acknowledged Greece as an independent nation.

    The Greek War of Independence (from the year 1821–to the year 1829), as well known colloquially as the Greek Revolution, was a successful war fought by Greeks to gain independence from the Ottoman Empire.
    The fight for revolutionary nationalistic in Europe sparked a fight for independence among the Greeks in 1821. Nationalists in Greece gained support from the other Greeks residing in exile, as well as from numerous West Europeans who admired ancient Greek culture. West European countries such as the French Kingdom, the United Kingdom, as well as the Russian Empire, backed the Greeks.
    Poets and artists praised Greece as t of the crib of European civilization, rallying public support for its fight against a Muslim empire.
    The Constantinople Treaty was a portion of a Constantinople Meeting. The Constantinople Conference was attended by Britain, France as well as Russia (Great Superpower), as well as the Empire of Ottoman.

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