Examine the three challenges of democracy.

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Examine the three challenges of democracy.

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    Even though democracy has been accepted as the best form of Government in this modern world. Yet it has its own problems. Some of these areas are stated below:

    (i) Growing economic and social inequalities among the people: It is quite evident that all the citizens have the right to vote and fight elections but only rich people have a chance to win the election. The underprivileged are forced to sell their votes to fulfil their basic necessities of life like food, clothing and shelter. 

    (ii) Role of anti-social elements: During elections, the role of anti-social elements gets a sudden rise. Voters are forced to vote for a particular candidate or party. Rigging also takes place during the elections.

    (iii) Corruption and inefficiency: In most democratic countries, political leaders and government officials are dishonest, corrupt, and inefficient. As a result, citizens generally do not take any interest in elections. They even have no faith in government officials. That adversely affects the working of democracy in a country. 

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