Define the following terms. 1. Aestivation: 2. Placentation: 3. Actinomorphic:

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Define the following terms. 

1. Aestivation: 

2. Placentation: 

3. Actinomorphic: 

4. Zygomorphic: 

5. superior ovary: 

6. Perigynous flower: 

7. Epigynous

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  1. Answer:

    1. Aestivation: Arrangement of sepals and petals in an unopened flower bud.
    2. Placentation: The mode of arrangement of ovules within the ovary
    3. Actinomorphic: When a flower can be divided into two equal radial halves at any radial plane. Eg: China rose.
    4. Zygomorphic: When a flower can be cut into two halves only in one vertical plane. Eg: pea.
    5. Superior ovary: When the gynoecium occupies the superior or highest position while other parts are situated below it. Eg: Mustard.
    6. Perigynous flower: If the gynoecium is at the center and all other, parts arise on the rim of the thalamus. Eg: Rose

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