Brown fat is A. Relatively more abundant in adults than in infants.

Hi, I have a question and I hope anyone could answer it:

Brown fat is 

A. Relatively more abundant in adults than in infants. 

B. Richer in mitochondria than ordinary fat. 

C. More vascular than ordinary fat. 

D. Stimulated to generate more heat when its parasympathetic nerve supply is stimulated. 

E. Is more important than shivering in neonatal thermoregulation.

1 Answer

  1. A. False The reverse is true. B. True It has a higher metabolic rate than ordinary fat. C. True Its higher metabolic rate merits a higher rate of blood flow. D. False Metabolic activity in brown fat is stimulated by sympathetic nerve stimulation. E. True Infants do not shiver well.

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